About Us

Delivering time through technology!
Most efficient and feature rich DMS system on the market today.

Celebrating 30 successful years of supplying DMS software to dealerships around the world Skywerks Ltd. is looking forward to expanding. Skywerks was created to address expanding suite of products and services. Skywerks enables both small and large independent dealer to compete with franchise dealers in today’s competitive market place. A complete system with tools designed for speed and reliability. No other company has the experience and infrastructure to support the independent dealers’ needs. Skywerks' solutions are designed for the highest return on investment for the dealer. Skywerks is available in multi bi-lingual, Including English, Italian and French.

Who we are
We bring value innovation and growth to your business

With development performed all over the world, Skywerks brings the latest products and innovation to our clients. Our support personnel are available 24/7 across many time zones and are knowledgeable on the product line. We pride ourselves on providing one on one support and creating relationships with our customers. We are on a first name basis with most of our customers, our customers are loyal, We currently have many customers worldwide that have Skywerks DMS customer data going back 30 years.

Our Mission

Skywerks is recognized as one of the most progressive enterprises in the automotive retail industry. We offer our customers cost effective software and marketing services with unique usage fee plan. We enable a solution that scales with the business needs. Dealerships can benefit from our services and can insure a return on investment and growth rate consistent with current management guidelines. Addressing the expansion of the internet playing a more significant roll on how independent dealerships sell and maintain customer relations, Skywerks has already addressed industry concerns and will provide the industry a peace of mind by delivering products that work day in and day out